Healthpally Descry Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

If you are fond of sleeping on your belly, you can continue to sleep on your stomach when you’re pregnant, but this has a limit. You should enjoy the first few weeks of pregnancy and sleep as you like, because soon, between the 12th and 22nd week of pregnancy, it will be over.

Then sleeping on your stomach becomes uncomfortable and you will definitely have to find a different sleeping position for your pregnancy. However, it is not the belly of the stomach sleepers that causes problems. Rather, it is the breasts that make sleeping on your stomach uncomfortable, Chaktty said.

Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

Most pregnant women, grow rapidly at the beginning of pregnancy and often begin to hurt. Strong touches in particular and sleeping in a prone position can then be quite painful.

Sleeping Position During Pregnancy: On Your Back

That’s the thing with sleeping on your back during pregnancy. There are many theories about this that can frighten pregnant women. Because: If the belly is thick and heavy towards the end of pregnancy, the weight of the uterus can press on the so-called Vena Cava, the inferior vena cava.

According to sexpally, As the weight of the abdomen increases, the risk of this vein being completely squeezed also increases.

This can cause your circulation to drop and make you dizzy and nauseous (vena cava compression syndrome).
The Vena Cava transports your blood from below to the heart, ensures the detoxification of the kidneys, and helps to ensure that not too much water is stored in the body.

Another danger with the supine position during pregnancy is that the baby does not receive enough oxygen when the vena cava is squeezed, says Healthpally experts.

But don’t panic if you wake up in the morning on your back! If you turn over on your back at night and the vena cava is really squeezed, your body will tell you and you will usually wake up.

You either turn onto your side – without being able to remember it the next morning – or you wake up because you are unwell.

According to some scientific studies, the sleeping position is particularly important when falling asleep.
You spend most of the night in this position. Short phrases in the back position are not critical.

Sleeping Position During Pregnancy: On Your Side

If you can sleep well on your side, it’s probably the best sleeping position for a pregnant woman to enjoy without no side effects. The only question here is: left side or right side? Because there are differences too.

Sleep on the Left

Side sleepers should preferably sleep on their left side during pregnancy.
Healthpally studies have shown that expectant mothers who sleep mainly on the left side have a lower risk of miscarriage from the 28th week of pregnancy.

This may be due to the fact that the vena cava mentioned above runs on the right side of the body and therefore cannot be depressed when sleeping on the left side.

The lymphatic system can work unimpeded in the sleeping position on the left side and water retention can be prevented better.
The position is gentler on your organs and heart and your child can be well supplied with nutrients and oxygen.
You should also try this sleeping position if you suffer from heartburn and/or indigestion during pregnancy.

Sleep on the Right Side

If you’ve tried the left side as a sleeping position and found that it doesn’t work for you because you just can’t sleep or maybe even feel uncomfortable or sick from it, you can of course sleep on the right side as well.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to listen to how you feel in your body. Your body can tell you best what is good for you and your child. Make sleeping on your side even more comfortable.

Lying on your side at night can become a little more uncomfortable, especially in advanced pregnancy, because the stomach pulls down to the side.

You can remedy this by using a breastfeeding pillow or a side sleeper pillow, Chaktty said.

You can clamp the pillow sideways under your stomach and support it with it.

Many pregnant women also find it comfortable to put one leg over the pillow and thus clamp it between their legs.
Particularly practical: You can continue to use a nursing pillow used for sleeping after the birth to breastfeed or give bottles to your baby. So the purchase is definitely worth it.


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More Tips for Good Sleep During Pregnancy

Restless sleep or complete insomnia is not uncommon during pregnancy, according to sex pally.
Your body is working at full speed because after all, a new living being is being created in you.
The hormones are in turmoil and can ensure a good mental cinema, especially at night.
To help you get some rest in the evening, you can try the following tricks:

  • If mind circles keep you from sleeping, jot down your thoughts before bed. This helps to clear your head.
  • A relaxing bath before going to bed can prepare your body and mind for a good night’s rest and become a beautiful ritual.
  • At least 30 minutes before going to bed you should keep your hands off your computer, smartphone or TV remote control.
  • Drink enough liquid throughout the day and a little less in the evening so that you don’t have to go to the toilet at night.
  • Make sure the bedroom is well-ventilated because fresh desire helps you sleep better.

It should not be too warm in the bedroom. Ideally, the room temperature should not be above 17 degrees.
It’s not uncommon for your sleep to become restless in the final weeks of pregnancy.
Now is the time not to despair. If you can’t sleep, get up calmly, enjoy a cup of tea and try to relax.
Maybe half an hour later it will work better. At the latest when the child is there, the undisturbed night’s sleep will be over anyway.

Think of this as good preparation for the turbulent months to come.

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