Top 10 Zombie Games For PC, PS4 And Mobiles

The horror style is by a long way one of the maximum famous out there, and now no longer simply in video games, but in all varieties of media. There`s something approximately them that draws human beings in, whether or not you`re into slashers, monsters, mental thrills, supernatural spooks, or a few different sub-style. For a few reasons, we`re all interested in them and had been since, well, for all time at this point. But, in phrases of video games, we’ve titles consisting of Resident Evil to thank for the outstanding upward thrust in new zombie game popularity. Not to say few matters are as pleasing as bashing those reanimated corpses withinside the head with a blunt object.

If zombie-slaying action or horror of any type isn’t for you (we’re now no longer friends), please make your manner to the exit, in which you may locate lists complete with unicorns, rainbows, and sunshine. There are lots of zombie games ps4, PC, and mobiles available in the play store and the market but we have mentioned the best zombie survival games for you.

Here is the list of the top 10 best Zombie Games:

1. DayZ

best zombie games

DayZ was originally developed as a mod for Arma 2 called Sudden Death Vietnam. It gained traction enough to become its own standalone game. In DayZ you play as a survivor who wakes up after being bitten by a zombie during a plane crash. You have no weapon, only a knife, and some clothes. Your goal is to survive in this post-apocalyptic world where zombies roam around freely. DayZ is free to download and supports both Windows and Linux operating systems.


2. Dying Light

best zombie games

Dying Light started out as a mod for Valve’s Source Engine game Half-Life 2 Episode 1 called Repentance. Later, the developers decided to create their own engine and make their own game. Dying Light follows a story about a man named Thomas Carter who wakes up from a coma after a car accident. He finds himself in the middle of a city overrun with zombies and soon realizes he’s not alone. Dying Light features an open-world environment, nonlinear gameplay, stealth sections, parkour sections, and combat. Dying Light is free to download and requires DirectX11 graphics cards.


3. Dead Island

best zombie games

Dead Island is a survival horror video game released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, iOS, Android, and OS X platforms. The game follows a group of people who discover an island overrun with zombies. Players need to scavenge weapons and equipment to survive. Dead Island had a sequel called Dead Island Riptide, which was released in 2014.


4. Left 4 Dead

best zombie games

Left 4 Dead is a first-person shooter video game by Valve Corporation. Released in 2008, the game received critical acclaim and is considered to be one of the best multiplayer online games ever created. The player controls four survivors trying to escape a zombie-infested city. As well as shooting zombies, players need to use teamwork to defeat different types of enemies and complete objectives.


5. Amnesia

best zombie games

Amnesia is a psychological thriller video game developed by Frictional Games and published by 11-bit studios. The player assumes the role of Daniel as he remembers what happened before the beginning of the game. Daniel explores his surroundings while looking for clues about his past. Players must fight off various monsters and solve puzzles if they want to progress.


6. Metro Redux

best zombie games

Metro Redux is a compilation of two side-scrolling shooters: Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. Both were developed by 4A Games. Metro Redux includes updated graphics and improved AI for both games. The game also reuses assets from Metro 2033 and Last Light making them compatible with each other.


7. Dishonored

best zombie games

Dishonored is an action-adventure game set in Dunwall, an industrial empire under the rule of Empress Emily Kaldwin. Dishonored takes place several years after Corvo Attano betrayed the previous empress and murdered her husband, Emperor Reynard Rex Regis. Corvo then becomes a bodyguard to Empress Emily Kaldwin and together they overthrow the corrupt government. After being framed by the emperor’s former right hand, Corvo escapes to the streets of Dunwall where he begins his quest for revenge.


8. Back 4 Blood

best zombie games

Another recreation that`s constructed for a multiplayer laugh is Back four Blood. This is one chaotic experience of the best zombie survival games carnage that`s absolutely first-rate performed with friends. Back four Blood sees gamers taking up the hideously mutated zombie `Ridden` who’ve reputedly taken over the sector and feature-pressured humanity right into a corner. As `Cleaners` gamers will take the combat to the undead monstrosities, that are quite challenging, to mention the least. Back four Blood additionally consists of a completely unique deckbuilding detail into the gameplay, wherein gamers can use unique playing cards of their load-outs to mission themselves of their gameplay.


9. Sunset Overdrive

best zombie games

More of a remarkable point out than a specific `zombie recreation`, Sunset Overdrive receives a shout-out in this listing for the natural laugh factor. The zombies in this recreation are truly hideously mutated people who`ve emerged as zombie-like mutants after ingesting a power drink. The open-global apocalypse placing of Sunset City affords a fascinating playground wherein gamers on PC and consoles can explore. The speed-primarily based totally mechanics of fight and global traversal make this a distinctly fun manner to defeat the mutants. So this recreation is without a doubt really well worth a play if you`re seeking to drop right into a colorful global and reason chaos amidst an inflamed population.


10. World War Z

best zombie games

Open-world zombie game recreation that’s possibly satisfactory skilled with pals is World War Z. In this recreation, gamers will discover themselves traveling lots of worldwide places and trying to get away from a reputedly countless zombie scourge. World War Z is a super shooter recreation to leap into with others because the countless swarms of zombies genuinely take a few beating back. Coordination and teamwork make a large difference. Also, for the ones like me who select their movement with a chunk much less intensity, the sport is a third-character shooter, which means the blood and guts aren`t too up near and personal, which is a relief.







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