SMS Marketing For Fashion Retailers: How To Get Started

Several companies, thanks to the development of e-commerce, are now able to expand their operations to include online purchasing. Every day, consumers learn about a new brand, and all companies want to increase their market share. Fashion companies are in a constant struggle for consumers’ attention, and to stand out they need to use every tool at their disposal. This means connecting with consumers where they already are—on their phones.

Fashion companies may improve their bottom line, client retention rates, and the quality of the brand experience via the use of conversational SMS marketing.

SMS Marketing For Fashion Retailers

Let’s have a look at some tips and examples to help you craft a successful SMS marketing plan, so that you can reach the largest number of potential customers with highly targeted text messages that result in skyrocketing conversion rates.

Marketing Strategies That Smart Clothing Companies Use Via SMS

Most of the fashion industry is slowly but surely making the transition into the era of conversational text marketing by using email, social media, and advertising to retain more customers. With such a high percentage of recipients opening your messages (98%), it’s clear that e-commerce websites must adapt to this new norm by maintaining open lines of communication with their clientele.

To get the most of this channel for your business, here are the first things you need to do to be ready to incorporate text marketing as a component of your strategy.


Compile a Directory of Mobile Phone Numbers to Send SMS Messages

In order to send out any kind of text message, you must first collect the relevant phone numbers. Since marketing restrictions are stringent, you’ll have to be compliant. This includes providing obvious privacy policies, requiring double opt-ins, making it easy to unsubscribe, and more.

For now, we just wanted to highlight this as a warning of a very crucial step; we’ll go into more depth on how to expand your SMS list while still being legal in order to keep your clients in a bit.


True Customization

Using a customer’s initial name and list segmentation is only the beginning of true personalization. If done correctly, it’s the key to boosting fashion firms’ conversion rates, client retention rates, and bottom lines. The Recovery Experts at Guni provide individualized service at every point in the buying process (prospects, new customers or repeat clients).


Greetings Via Text

It’s important not to underestimate the impact of a handwritten message of gratitude. Or, in this instance, an appreciative text message.

Get talking to your customers, either after they’ve made a purchase or if you’ve lost touch with them (e.g. reminding them a product from their Favourites list is back in stock).

This is effective because it maintains awareness of your brand, and returning customers are simpler to convince to buy from you again than new ones. Moreover, it’s cheaper. Keep it brief and to the point; if you want to incentivize a future purchase, you may even offer a discount coupon.


Don’t put restrictions on how long the promo code may be used. 

You aren’t presenting them with a limited-time offer that they need to act on immediately. You aren’t really caring whether or when they utilize the discount; you’re just trying to show your appreciation and maybe encourage them to stick around and become brand loyalists.

This is why SMS service is so successful. Email marketing is inefficient for covering topics like product recommendations and individualized product information.

Customers who want additional details from companies sometimes have to jump through hoops like sending an email, waiting for a response, and maybe writing back for further information. Most of us would not consider writing an email to request additional information since we can easily go to a competitor’s website whose rules better fit our needs.

Customers are more likely to abandon a purchase if they have questions regarding the goods that aren’t answered on the website. They may consider coming back with additional information later, but let’s be honest: they probably won’t.

That’s why it’s crucial for fashion labels to be, dare we say it, only a text message away from their clients.


Promoted Purchases

When a consumer has bought from you before or developed a rapport with you during the course of a discussion, you should have an easier time convincing them to make another purchase. Using upsells and cross-sells through SMS marketing is a great way to retain customers and increase revenue if your shop sells related items or provides discounts depending on purchase volume. You can do more than simply respond to people’s inquiries through text messages. Sending out an “often purchased together” proposal through text message is a great way for fashion companies to upsell their clients.


As part of a high-quality service, this helps the consumer feel cared about by their favorite company and gives them access to things they would like to use. Don’t spam everyone on your contact list with updates about your recent sales or free bonuses, however. The goal is to provide a valuable product to a particular consumer.


A key consideration, and one that many companies overlook, is that your bulk discount may have been useful (if it hadn’t been provided in bulk) even if a client is determined on purchasing a particular complementary product to an already-made purchase. An annoying and impersonal communication with a discount coupon might really have the opposite effect of what you want.


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Important Takeaways

Despite the prevalence of brand loyalty programs, many companies fail to maintain their members’ interest and enthusiasm for engaging with their preferred company by failing to keep the dialogue continuing.

It’s not easy persuading people to sign up for your loyalty club and provide their personal information. If you want repeat business from your customers, you need to earn their trust, which you can do by keeping up a steady line of communication and providing them with an unforgettable shopping experience.

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